Frequently asked questions

How does the Pay-At-Close loan work?

We make the Pay-At-Close loan process easy for the Homeowner, the Realtor, and the Service Pro. Homeowners go through a very short, non-credit impacting pre-application process. If they qualify, we validate a few pieces of information and then they get funded. It’s simple and fast. The Homeowner then works with their Realtor to determine the improvements needed and works with their Service Pro to get their home ready for sale. When done, the Homeowner is invoiced directly through the HouseAmp platform, and payment is made to the Service Pro. The Homeowner can sell with ease and you get paid promptly for an expertly updated house.

Can the loan be used for anything other than home repairs?

The funds from our loans are intended for use to conduct repairs or home enhancements to assist you to sell your home for more money and put more cash in your pocket when your home sells. As all dispursements are made via our invoice payment system, we help you get your house market ready without hassle.

How are the funds disbursed to the Homeowner?

Funds are made available to the homeowner to use via the HouseAmp platform. This initial 12 month period has no payments and no interest. During this period the homeowner can see invoices and request disbursements to pay service providers through their account dashboard.

Are there any fees?

For Homeowner loans, there is a $199 one time loan set-up fee and a 1.99% monthly maintenance fee to manage disbursements during the initial 12 month drawdown period. Both of these fees are added to the loan amount and due at the time the loan is repaid, meaning no payments until the house sells! For Service Providers, there is a 2.99% invoice processing fee on all invoice payments. Additionally, any leads that result in completed and invoiced work through the HouseAmp platform, there is a 4.99% lead generation fee. There are no fees for Realtors!

What is the Move-In Ready Fee?

The Move-In Ready Fee is what we charge borrowers to utilize HouseAmp’s proprietary technology and services via the platform (i.e. website) and is equal to 1.99% of the principal loan amount. There is also a one-time set up fee of $199, which covers county recording costs. The HouseAmp Pay-At-Close loan means you pay nothing upfront. All fees and costs are collected at closing, during the sale of your house.

What happens if the home doesn’t sell or the Homeowner chooses to not sell?

NO PROBLEM! We give the Homeowner up to 12 months to make improvements and sell their home. If the home doesn’t sell during this time or the homeowner decides not to sell, the loan converts to a term loan which allows the homeowner to repay the amount borrowed over a predetermined period of time. Our job is to take good care of the homeowner so we provide several options, and the Service Pro’s invoice gets paid either way.

What is the loan Interest rate?

There is no interest on the loan during the initial draw-down period and no payments during the grace period while the home is for sale. Interest accrues during this period but no payments are due. We want the homeowner to pay nothing until the home sells. Once improvements are completed and the home is listed for sale, the loan enters into the grace period, where a competitive interest rate based upon creditworthiness is added to the loan balance, but no payments are due. If the house does not sell during this time, the loan converts to a term loan which allows the homeowner to repay the amount borrowed over a predetermined period of time. Interest rates during the grace period and the repayment period are based on the homeowner’s creditworthiness. Our goal is to help the homeowner sell faster, with less headache, have them profit from the improvements, and they don’t pay a single cent until the house sells.

How does the Service Pro invoice process work?

Funds are made available to the homeowner during what we call the draw-down period. During this time the Service Pro simply submits their invoice to the Homeowner via their HouseAmp dashboard, which the Homeowner then approves for HouseAmp to pay. Invoices approved by Tuesday evening are paid by Friday end of day. A very low 2.99% invoice processing fee is deducted from the invoiced amount for all payments to the Service Pro. The Service Pro gets paid for the work and the Homeowner pays back the loan upon closing… everyone wins!

How do I connect with Service Providers?

The HouseAmp platform makes it easy to connect with your favorite service providers, or to search for new ones in your area. Simply log into your dashboard, and either invite or search for a Service Provider. You can then add them to your projects so they can see our project notes. When the work is done, they will submit their invoice through the HouseAmp platform and you simply hit approve.

How do I connect with Realtors?

Inviting your Realtor to HouseAmp is simple! On your dashboard you have an invite button to invite them to create a HouseAmp account. The best part is the platform allows you to share project notes, pictures and status, so your Realtor is kept in the loop on your project status. Need a Realtor! We’ve got you covered! Just search for a great Realtor in your area.

Can I connect with other homeowners?

At this time, Homeowners can connect with Service Professionals and Realtors, but not other Homeowners. We’d love to hear from you if you’d be interested in seeing this feature on your HouseAmp dashboard.

Once I sign up as a homeowner, how do I sign loan documentation?

Upon approval of you loan application, your loan documents will be created and a link for you to digitally sign them will be emailed to you. You will receive copies of all your loan documents for your records.

Are your Service Pros licensed, how do I verify their license before hiring them?

We do not license or insure any Service Professionals that are on our platform. If you have questions about the licensing or bonding of a particular Service Professional you find on HouseAmp, we invite you to contact them directly to get that information.

Can I see reviews on Service Pros?

You are on top of it! This is a future feature we hope to have available very soon.

Can I see pictures of before and after projects of specific Service Pros?

A this time, this is not available, but along with our Service Pro rating system, before and after pictures will be available to see the great work our Service Pros have done on past projects.

How do I get matched up with suggested Service Pros?

When searching for Service Pros in your area, they are sorted by geographic distance from your zip code. All Service Professionals are invited to provide their service area radius, so if they show up in your search, they are willing to help with your project!

What if I have a Service Pro and they refuse to sign up on HouseAmp, Can I still use them?

Since all invoice payments to Service Professionals are approved and paid through the HouseAmp platform, they will need to create an account in order to receive payment. This process takes 2 minutes, and is very secure, so feel confident in inviting your Service Provider to HouseAmp.

If I have a project started or nearly done, can I still get a loan and/or have my Service Pro sign up to get paid?

Indeed! Once approved, your loan is funded within a few days, but you can log in as soon as you sign your loan documents to start creating your projects, inviting your Service Professionals, and sharing project notes with your Realtor. Payments are processed end of day Tuesdays, so you can expect to see your project invoices paid in record time.

What type of service does HouseAmp Service Professionals do?

We invite all Service Professionals to sign up on HouseAmp. If they can help a Homeowner get their house move-in ready, then we want to work with them! For a full list of our service categories CLICK HERE.

How to get a loan for house repairs?

HouseAmp provides loans for homeowners that have sufficient equity in their homes to cover the amount of the loan. So to get a Houseamp loan, simply visit and apply. Our process is quick, comprehensive and fair.

How to get home improvement loan with bad credit?

If you're selling your home and lack sufficient credit to qualify for regularly processed loans, we are here to help improve your situation. With HouseAmp, the equity in your home IS your credit. We use this equity to determine the "Credit Worthiness" of your application and proceeed from there. With HouseAmp, your home is your credit.

What are the best loans for home improvement when selling my house?

The best loans for home improvement when selling your house are those that allow you to Pay-at-Close. This means there are NO upfront out-of-pocket expenses to incur, and with HouseAmp you can begin this process very quickly. Take advantage of the best home improvement loans for selling you house today.

How do I qualify for this loan?

Fill out the on-line application at We will get back to you quickly to tell you if you qualify and, if you do, for how much. It's a simple, painless process that takes place usually within a day.

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