Are You a Move-in Ready Contractor?

From simple projects like carpet replacement and painting to work on the electrical system, plumbing and roof, move-in ready contractors wear multiple hats. With contractor projects in high demand you may be asking yourself where your skills could best be used right now or if becoming a move-in ready contractor is right for you.

Here are a few things to ask yourself to see if you are a move-in ready contractor:

  • Are you someone who has the skills to do multiple things?

  • Do you wear multiple hats and enjoy the challenge of different projects?

  • Do you have the flexibility to start and complete projects quickly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then yes, you are a move-in ready contractor! A move-in ready contractor likes to be given a list of projects that need to be done to get a home ready to be put on the market.

Some things a move-in ready contractor might do are:

  • Painting

  • Landscaping

  • Roof (repair or replacement)

  • Replacing fixtures

  • Changing appliances

  • General curb appeal improvements

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

Being a move-in ready contractor can allow you to take on smaller projects with quick turnaround time which can equal more projects for you. Since the projects are focused on getting the home ready to sell, there is less decision from the homeowner. In most cases, the home is empty or decluttered to prepare the home for sale which makes it easier for you to get the jobs done. Our focus is getting in and out in a timely manner so that the home can be put on the market.

You are the expert. You might have a situation where you are replacing countertops for a customer because it’s outdated and you notice the hardware is just as outdated. You are able to recommend updating the hardware, which makes a better aesthetic look and more money for you. Use your knowledge to make suggestions where needed to help with the sale of the home.

Being a move-in ready contractor is a great place for a junior team member to get started. They are able to help with different projects on a home while learning the trade. This also allows them to discover what they are good at and what their passion is.

If you’re a move-in ready contractor who is ready for consistent projects, joining the HouseAmp platform might be the right next step. Working on projects through HouseAmp provides peace of mind knowing you will receive payment upon completion. Ready to get started as a move-in ready contractor with HouseAmp? Simply create an account and start receiving projects you qualify for in seconds.