Five Ways Realtors Can Help Homeowners Get Ready to Sell

The process of getting a home ready to sell can be one of the most anxiety-provoking and uncertain times in one's life. In fact, according to Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trend Reports, 52% of homeowners say that making improvements and preparing a home for sale was the most stressful part of selling their home.

Choosing a trusted Realtor helps people make informed decisions about preparing a house for sale by drawing on the experience and knowledge of the agent. Realtors who are known for their excellent service will be ready to assist their clients by guiding them through pre-listing projects, suggesting contractors, and supporting them through the entire process.

Here are five ways experienced real estate agents can help Homeowners get ready to sell.

1. Advise Improvements That Get The Most Return.

Being directly involved in the buying and selling process realtors know what buyers are looking for and what is a big turn-off! Outdated kitchens, warn-out bathrooms, and that old wood-paneled hallway may give the impression that the house wasn’t well maintained.

Painting is one of the easiest returns on the home and instantly updates the look and feel. Homeowners can take this task on themselves or leave it to the professionals and save the headache. Consider neutral or “greige” color pallets which appeal to many buyers and help them envision their own style being in the home.

Ah, the welcoming color of greige!

For changes with an even bigger impact consider updating lighting fixtures, replacing laminate countertops with stone, updating old appliances, or installing hardwood floors. Mid-range bathroom remodels including new countertops, new tiling new cabinets, and new fixtures for the sinks and tub have a high return on investment.

2. Propose Curb Appeal Projects

Curb appeal is vitally important for positive first impressions.

First impressions are huge! Often online listings lead with an outside photo of the house. Broken walkways, overgrown shrubs, and pealing front doors will make people scroll right by. Hiring landscaping to clean up the yard and ad new plantings can give the home a fresh clean look. Be sure to fix any cracked walkways, stairs, or railings as these can be flagged in home inspections. Have a garage? Consider a garage door replacement as that has the highest resale value across the nation according to a 2021 remodel cost vs value report and can really make the home's appeal pop.

3. Suggest Decluttering and Downsizing

Staging helps make a buyer feel more at home.

Slimming down on the home will do a couple of things for the buyer. It will get them mentally prepared to move by removing personalized items and style for the next owner to picture their own décor and it makes moving easier when they are ready to pack up for their next space. Depending on how many years the owner has lived in the home this may mean a lot of work. Help can come in the form of companies that offer help in getting rid of junk and will haul it out for the price of the truck space. Professional cleaners can give the home a deep clean and have the professional know-how to get it done fast and beautifully.

Storage units can give a temporary place to store extra furniture and boxes ready to move. The homeowner may have needed that extra bureau for function, but it is likely making that room look much smaller as is that big leather couch in the sitting room. Realtors know how to stage the home to look streamlined and open. They may suggest renting smaller furniture like a round table instead of that big oblong 6-seater table in the eat-in kitchen.

4. Know the Funding Options

With everything there is to do before selling a DIY option may be too overwhelming, but the homeowner may not have the funding upfront to pay for a contractor to do the updates that will get them the highest bids. That’s why Realtors partner with HouseAmp. We have a convenient platform that lets you organize all your pre-listing projects and find funding to pay for them when the house sells. This lets homeowners concentrate on getting the home ready the way they want without worrying about how they will front the bill while the house is on the market

"I offer this service to every listing client I encounter," says Terri Kaminski from the Mo-Minski Team at Charter Realty in Washington. "It sets me apart from other brokers. HouseAmp is my “ace in the hole” for make-ready work!"

5. Help Find a Contractor

Realtors have worked with service pros that they would recommend for projects around the home that they trust. That’s why HouseAmp lets you work with who you want by inviting them to the platform to work with the homeowner. Contractors love us because they have a simple way to get paid fast so they can get the materials and start working.

For projects, you don’t know a pro for, HouseAmp has a list of providers who can help you get your home ready to list.

Fixing up a home doesn’t have to be a headache. Experienced agents can help homeowners make the right decisions that will get their homes sold faster and for more than an as-is listing. HouseAmp makes it easy for Realtors, Homeowners, and Contractors on the same page and we help the homeowner find no-up-front funding to get the work done without a penny to pay until after the home sells.

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