Home Offer Etiquette

Let’s set the scene: You decide it’s time to sell your home! You have done what you think is the necessary prep work so you can sell your home for the best possible price. You’ve completed renovations to increase that price and connected with a realtor who's helping you through the process. Your house is on the market! Now you might be thinking...what’s next? Today we are going to talk about what to expect when getting an offer on your house, and offer etiquette.

Don’t Get Insulted

If you’ve fixed up your home prior to listing, then your offer expectations might be higher than normal. It’s important to not get insulted when the inevitable lowball offer comes in. Don’t take it personally! The sale of your home is a financial transaction first and foremost. Work with your realtor to send an appropriate counter-offer back to the interested party and expect another offer back.

Know The Worth

Is your home in need of some repairs and upgrades? If you didn’t complete these upgrades, know that a potential buyer might be googling “fix up homes for sale” when looking for a home like yours! Setting the list price based on the status of your house is necessary. Overpricing a home in need of upgrades will just cause you to receive less, or no, offers.

Be Timely

Don’t make the interested party wait too long for a response to their offer. Replying as soon as possible is proper etiquette and will help the process move along quicker, whether you’re accepting, denying, or counter offering.

Stay Open to Repair Requests

Once you’ve agreed to and accepted an offer, it’s normal to receive some repair requests. The home inspector will note what needs to be upgraded and, typically, these are functional and structural repairs that are necessary to the longevity of the home. Cosmetic upgrades are not considered necessary. Once you fix up the requested areas, the process of selling your home is nearing completion!

How HouseAmp Can Help the Sale Process

Let HouseAmp help you! We help you renovate before selling and make it easy for you to improve your home value to reduce low ball offers. You can apply for a pay-at-close loan to help pay for your improvements with no money out-of-pocket, and you won’t have to pay it back until your home sells. We will also connect you with the best service professionals in your area. HouseAmp can help you improve home value through upgrades, landscaping, staging, and more!