How To Choose a Good Renovation Contractor

Being confident in who you choose as a contractor is the most important thing you can do when it comes to renovating your home. This is the person who will be doing, overseeing, hiring for and ultimately responsible for your renovation.


This is probably top of the list of importance. If you have family or friends who have been through a renovation, ask them. If they would have a contractor do another project for them, that is someone you want to speak with. At HouseAmp, we also have a list of contractors who have successfully completed projects in your area that you can ask for an estimate. You can search contractors based on your location as well as the type of project you are looking to complete.


You want to choose a contractor who is flexible, someone who understands your move-in-ready timeline and who will work with it.

Do your homework

Online reviews can be very helpful. We always suggest checking multiple sources and not just look at how many stars a business might receive. If someone got a bad review, take the time to understand why the review was left. Sometimes it’s not always about the work so make sure you get to the heart of the complaint and how it was resolved. Check references as well as before/after photos.

Know what you want

If you are remodeling your kitchen, having plans drawn up will help the process. This will allow you to get multiple bids on your project. Having a clear plan will also keep you from making multiple changes throughout the project and will get the project done quicker.

If you’ve already started your project, you and your contractor can still join HouseAmp, get approved in minutes and funding for your project in days. This is helpful if your project ends up costing more than originally planned. We want to make this as stress free for both you and your contractor, contact us today to get started.