How To Sell Your Home For The Best Price

Remember the three P’s of selling: promotion, position, and pricing. When you price your home correctly, you put yourself in a good position to get multiple buyers interested, which can result in a better selling price.

Meeting with a realtor let’s you have conversations about what updates need to be done so that you fall in line with the comps for your home.

Walk through your home as if you are a buyer. This will be a little hard because you have the emotional attachment but give it a try. Keep in mind, hiring someone to stage your home is always money well spent. The cleaner and more organized your home looks to the potential buyer, the better they will be able to see themselves living in it.

  • Does it feel clean?

  • Does the paint look fresh?

  • Does it look/feel cluttered?

  • Is there a leaky faucet

  • Are there personal items/photos?

Provide a list of any upgrades done to your home. Whether you’ve updated the kitchen or bathroom, replaced carpet, painted, changed out hardware, replaced HVAC units or even the roof. Having a list when items were done shows the potential buyer that you’ve maintained your home well. Don’t forget, HouseAmp can help with any updates you might need to do. If you have the original inspection to show to any potential buyers of your home what you have done to remedy any already known issues it is possible they would waive any additional inspection.

A HouseAmp Service Pro will also know what's trending and have supplies on hand like white paint, trim, etc. They can make sure your home is ready so that you will get the best price.

Get buyers to fall in love - sometimes you will find someone that connects on an emotional level. Write a one page letter about your experiences living in the home. It might not be for everyone but all it takes is one person.

Price your home right - We cannot stress the importance of this enough! If you price your home too high, you will potentially miss out on a large market. This will most likely result in having to eventually lower the price which can make buyers wonder what’s going on with it. Having a Realtor who is knowledgeable and understands the market in your area is key to having a successful home sale. Stats are not the same as comps which is why having a Realtor is important as they know the market the best and know what's trending.

Create a video tour - while photos are great, nothing beats a room by room video. In today’s market, more people are relying on visual video. There are more out of town buyers and because of this, the more information you can put in their hands the better!

If you sell as-is you may be leaving equity on the table. By using HouseAmp and getting your home Move-In Ready you won't be. You can apply for a Pay At Close loan to help pay for your improvements with no money out-of-pocket, and you won’t have to pay it back until your home sells. We will also connect you with the best service professionals in your area. HouseAmp can help you improve home value through upgrades, landscaping, staging, and more!