Key Repairs Made to Hansville Home Results in Handsome Profit for Homeowner

When Maureen Daniels toured her seller’s property, she understood that the location, with its stunning Olympic Mountain and Puget Sound views, would attract many buyers to the Kitsap County home. However, necessary repairs were needed if they were going to sell for top dollar. "The roof and crawlspace were critical to-do items,” said the Bainbridge Homes Real Estate Broker. “Without making those repairs, we could have still been in active negotiations versus receiving multiple offers with everything waived!”

The needed improvements, coupled with the urgency to get it on the market ASAP, was a challenge. “First of all, time is of the essence,” says Maureen. “Houses are selling quickly, and a quick turnaround is ideal–especially in the multiple bid situations, we're experiencing right in this market.”

Maureen learned about HouseAmp through a service provider and it was a no-brainer for her. She connected with HouseAmp and the process began immediately. “It was absolutely seamless and within the time frame we wanted. We had it done in less than four weeks and my seller was able to sell the house for the highest price.”

With just $12,000 in renovation costs, the home’s value was increased substantially. After four days on the market, the homeowner received multiple offers up to $82,000 over asking with all contingencies waived! The benefits of using this platform are unmatched for both the agent and seller, according to Maureen.“Just having HouseAmp and that ability to use their service to help my client was fantastic. This is absolutely helpful for people who need the funding in a short, quick time frame. It can make a world of difference just like it did with this home.”

When a homeowner decides to sell their home, they trust a real estate agent to make sure the home is ready for market. "I have been doing this for a while," says Maureen. "I'm fortunate to work with a team of trusted professionals and now HouseAmp is one of them!"

HouseAmp is dedicated to providing brokers the services and tools they need to get a home ready to list. Want to learn more? Sign up for your free account today!