Should I Sell my Home As-Is, or Fix it Up?

One of the hardest questions that homeowners face when selling their home is, should I sell it as-is, or fix it up first?

Housing markets are competitive. At times, it’s a sellers market and move-in ready homes sell quicker. On the other hand, when it’s a buyers market, buyers are looking for a house that requires minimal work and is move-in ready. What do these two markets have in common? In both, a move-in ready home performs better than a home that is not move-in ready!

When you make your home move-in ready, you help potential buyers see themselves living in the house. By painting the picture of what their lives would look like in your home, you are helping them make a decision on the home quickly and confidently.

What is a Move-In Ready Home?

Move-in ready means that the home is livable without any necessary repairs by the new buyer. This includes totally functional plumbing and electric, a roof, windows, and siding with lots of life left in them, and more. While move-in ready doesn’t always mean fully updated, it does mean that the buyer will not have to put any immediate work into the home.

In addition to making your home move-in ready, there are other updates that can make your home stand out. Staging, deep cleaning, landscaping, and improvements to areas of the home are going to draw buyers in even more.

Benefits of Selling Your Home Move-In Ready

When you make your home move-in ready, it’ll be prepared to sell on any market. The updates and upgrades you make on your home can also increase the value of the home so that it will sell for more money than it would have otherwise. Making your home move-in ready is also likely to speed up the time it takes to sell.

Some people worry about the cost of improving the home and the time that it will take to do so before selling. HouseAmp is here to help you throughout the process! We want you to be able to improve your home to eliminate low ball offers and sell it for the best possible price. Apply for a pay-at-close loan to pay for your improvements at an affordable rate, and you won’t have to pay it back until your home sells. HouseAmp will also connect you with service professionals in your area who we know will do a great job. We know that an increased home value leads to a higher list price and less low offers, so we made it easy to increase your home’s value.

If you’re interested in preparing your home to sell with our help, sign up for HouseAmp today!