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Increase your client’s equity before listing by adding value to the home.

Homes in top condition sell for more–it is a fact! Move-in-ready homes are more attractive, sell faster, and buyers will bid higher to win the sale. As a Real Estate professional, you know which projects (big or small) will give your clients a leg-up in the market but the process for home sellers can feel overwhelming and expensive.

We have a way to get homes ready to list without the hassle of up-front costs!

HouseAmp is a platform that lets you and your client work together to make the process transparent and easy! You can confidently suggest improvements and updates that will add value to their homes. Your clients will have quick access to the funding they need to get the job done, up-front. The best part? Your sellers will be able to pay from the proceeds of the sale!

HouseAmp also allows you to invite your favorite service professionals to your team (Carpenter, Electrician, Contractor, Stagers, etc.) so you can use who you know and trust!

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How It Works

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Improving the home and knowing that you’ll have less headaches at closing will help you sell with confidence! Together, homes will sell faster and at top dollar. 


HouseAmp. It's that simple!