Move-In Ready,
made awesome!

A better way to make homes ready to sell!

Add more value for Homeowners by improving their home's equity before listing.

We provide quick, easy, and stress-free access to low-cost capital, provided by third-party lenders, that requires no upfront money to be paid for improvements and allows your Homeowner the ability to repay the loan from the proceeds when the house sells. The Pay Later platform also allows you to invite your favorite trusted service professionals (Carpenter, Electrician, Contractor, Stagers, etc.) to your team so you can add them to your projects with ease.

Why become a HouseAmp Partner?

Sellers want Realtors that add value, and the condition of a home is the main driver of sales price. It is a fact, homes that are move-in ready sell quicker and for more.

Together, you can confidently suggest those improvements and upgrades and HouseAmp provides Homeowners with access to the capital needed to make their homes move-in ready. The best part is that your client has the ability to repay from the proceeds from the sale of the house!


How It Works

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Improving the home and knowing that you’ll have less headaches at closing will help you sell with confidence! Together, homes will sell faster and at top dollar. 


HouseAmp. It's that simple!