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How We Work

HouseAmp is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and seeks to do business with partners who share these values. We conduct our business transactions fairly, properly, and in good faith and expect the same from our partners.

The principles that define our culture, are the basis of every activity in which we are involved, and are the standard to which we expect our partners to adhere are:


Be respectful to others and their property, and if a conflict arises, use respect as the basis to work towards a collective resolution.


Assume positive intent in all interactions and attribute others with the benefit of a positive motive.


Be honest and reliable when representing yourself, your abilities, and the time needed to complete the work you are being asked to do. Be known for doing an outstanding job for the skills you have.


Treat all jobs, people, and projects with
fairness and equal care.



Respond timely to all requests, communicate clearly in all interactions, and strive to complete all obligations and duties thoroughly and as intended. When needed, be accountable to make corrections without conflict.


Above all, being a good person is key to positive interactions. At HouseAmp, we strive to be the best humans we can be, and we ask our partners to do the same.

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