Welcome to the next era of residential real estate.

Infrastructure that powers a new generation of real estate marketplace services.
Elevate. Automate. Transform.

HouseAmp. Superb customer experiences. Business beyond commissions.

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A next generation white label platform.

We serve and amplify brokerage value.

HouseAmp is a next generation residential real estate platform that provides brokerages with the ability to create custom programs that amp up their value added services, maximize return, and create superb customer experiences - all with minimal effort.

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Ancillary services for each stakeholder.

It's yours. Simply.

HouseAmp creates a custom branded platform for brokerages adding only the services and functionality that make sense for each business.

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A marketplace that connects the whole ecosystem.

A value engine for everyone.

The client-brokerage relationship doesn’t start or end with the sale. Everything from contractors and cleaners to mortgage brokers, title companies and relocation services all play a crucial role. We provide opportunities for service providers to link up with clients at the inflection point where they are needed most and when clients are ready to get to work.

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Who Benefits

Why Brokerages Love It

HouseAmp is a white label, white glove technology platform for real estate brokerages to automate and supercharge their value added ancillary service programs. We offer full flexibility, a seamless experience, and training and marketing, and support so that our clients can get the best value from their platform experience. With HouseAmp, you don’t have to use preset service providers. You don’t have to use pre-determined lenders. You use your own branding and operational integration. It’s 100% yours, powered by us and we guide you all along the way to  make sure its a success.

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Why Agents Love It

HouseAmp allows agents to get the best value for their clients so they can focus on what they love  - working with great people and prospecting for amazing properties. Ask your managing broker about HouseAmp.

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Why Service Pros Love It

Service Providers get seen and get paid right on the platform. Less admin. Less stress. And exposure to an audience ready to use your services now. Grow your business with HouseAmp.

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Why Homeowners Love It

Easiest one! Pay-at-close loans are approved on average in a mere 90s seconds and funds are available in days. Homeowners can connect with service providers and manage all transactions that impact the sale of a home — renovations, movers, temporary housing, and a whole lot more — right on the platform. Homeowners can also just simply connect their own bank accounts and enjoy a seamless project management and payment experience. Visit HouseAmp Stories below to read testimonials of great experiences on the platform.

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Don't take our word for it.

"HouseAmp has created this huge library of service contractors in all different realms of construction, flooring, painting, plumbing, septic, all of the different things that we need to have at our fingertips. It makes it a lot easier for other realtors who are going to use HouseAmp to find some of those resources they need in order to present well or in order to pass an inspection or just make it a sellable home."

Craig Walker
Keller Williams, Bellevue WA

HouseAmp Conversations

HouseAmp Conversations is a new series where we sit down with experts and thought leaders in the world of residential real estate to discuss the future of the industry and the technology driving these changes.


How do I login and get started?

When your brokerage begins to work with HouseAmp, you will get a link to log into your brokerage branded platform. You will also be invited to trainings and receive helpful collateral specific to your brokerage program.

Is there a fee to use the platform?

No. The platform is a tool to connect everyone throughout the selling process in one centralized location with no barriers. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for all.

Can the platform help me find service pros in my area?

Yes. You simply use the search function and either choose a category in the drop down menu or type in what you’re looking for. Geofencing technology does the rest. The results will show pros that service your area. If you want to find someone in a different area, search any zip code you like.

What if my favorite service pros are not on the platform?

No problem. The platform lets you invite any service professional or service type you want for anything that helps you sell.  We know that you may have your own unique approach to helping homeowners, so each agent gets to make their dashboard their own.

How does invoicing work?

A service pro can offer an estimate and provide an invoice right on the platform for the recipient to review and discuss. Once the client approves the invoice for payment, funds get paid directly to the service pro.

How do I verify a service pro’s license before hiring them?

In the service pro signup process, pros are asked to provide their license information. If you have questions about the licensing or bonding of any service pro, we encourage you to contact them directly or do any due diligence you see fit.

What if my favorite service pro is hesitant to use the platform?

Service pros love the platform because it simplifies their process, saving them time and money, as well as actually increasing their ability to grow their own profits.You and the service pro can rely on the fact that everything on the platform is trackable, traceable and documented. Service pros appreciate that all invoices are paid promptly through the available funds that are ready to use so there is no chasing payments. We make it secure, efficient, and safe . If pros have further questions, feel free to refer them to a team member at CONTACT.

What types of services are paid for using the platform?

The platform is here to support the agent and homeowner, so, any service professional that touches the sale of a home is invited to sign up and be a part of the process to get your listing ready for sale. From improvements, to staging, to moving, we’ve even covered retirement home fees to help homeowners sell with ease.  A list of service categories is available on the dashboard. If you have an idea of other services you’d like to be included, please let us know at CONTACT.

Do service pros get charged a fee?

Less than a credit card processing fee, there is a 2.99% service fee to cover all platform invoicing.

What happens if the home doesn’t sell or the homeowner changes their mind about selling their house when using a Pay Later Funding loan?

We get it. Things happen. If the homeowner decides they want to take their home off the market while a project is active, we can help them work with their lender to present options. As part of that process, the platform can help them facilitate a refinance of their mortgage or extend into a term loan.

How does Pay Later Funding work?

The client answers a few quick questions, followed by a simple 90 second application. The platform instantly verifies the lender's underwriting criteria to let clients know if they are approved.. It’s that simple!

Can the loan be used for anything other than home repairs?

Absolutely! Funds should be used for much more than just improving a home. If desired, funds can be used for all listing and sales related activities such as improvements, staging, moving, cleaning, pre-inspections, legal and so much more.

Where do the funds go after a client is approved?

After a client is approved for a loan, funds will show up on the homeowner’s dashboard, ready to be used for any services that help you and the homeowner sell faster, for more and with less stress.

Are there any fees associated with obtaining a loan?

There are no fees or payments due until homeowners sell up to a period of one year. We’ve worked with our preferred lender network to offer loan programs that give recipients the freedom to avoid as many out of pocket expenses as possible while each lender specifies the fees and terms that are associated with loans they offer.

After the homeowner has been approved for a loan, how do they sign the loan documents?

Upon approval of the loan application, the loan documents will be provided in very simple digital format with a wizard that guides them through the simple steps. It’s a cake walk.

Do I have to get a loan prior to listing my property?

Pay later funding options are available for pre-listing needs as well as last minute inspection related repairs. We make the process easy and super fast so you can focus on creating the best value for your clients.

If a project is underway and a loan is needed to fund new work or a next phase in the work, can the homeowner still apply and transact with service pros on the platform?

Yes. They can apply for loans and utilize the funds at any point in the process of managing a listing. Whether a project has already begun or an inspection reveals a last minute need, or if a property is listed and a new need arises, they can find or add service pros to the platform and transact any time during the process. It’s fast and easy to solve even those last minute projects that come up that are sometimes needed to close.