HouseAmp Emerges as One of the Best Kept Secrets for Real Estate Brokerages, Unveiling Enterprise Broker Partners and Nationwide Territory Expansion

August 8, 2023
HouseAmp, the groundbreaking fintech firm, has quietly built traction among top brokerages, powering their ability to offer homeowners financing for pre-sell renovations.

HouseAmp is on a mission to help brokerages remove the friction and fees from the activities done before the sale of a home. By offering a pre-sell renovation, staging, and funding concierge platform, HouseAmp removes seller obstacles while enabling homeowners and agents to select their preferred vendors and projects. The homeowner and the agent are the priority–with flexible, fast funding solutions allowing them to compete more effectively in a complicated, cash-driven real estate market. Brokerage offerings can be customized and reimagined without building from scratch or assuming repayment risk. HouseAmp powers one streamlined portal for all the stakeholders involved in the home-selling process.

HouseAmp's revolutionary vision steers the traditional focus away from "software on top of software" to a more forward-thinking solution that empowers real estate brokerages of any size to create uniquely proprietary offerings without needing API integrations. In return, their agents are more productive and competitive in an increasingly profit-pinching world. Brokerages will now have programs to immediately provide financial and tangible home resources to agents and their clients without fees or costs while allowing agents and homeowners the flexibility to choose any service provider. Firms with existing funding sources can also plug in their lender to HouseAmp for some or all of their funding needs.

As one of the most trusted leaders in the industry, visionary real estate brokerage John L. Scott Real Estate partnered with HouseAmp early. "We've seen great success with our Market Ready+ program, which is powered by HouseAmp," said Chairman and CEO J. Lennox Scott. "The process is extremely efficient and offers both our agents and their seller clients flexibility and a great overall experience."

"We are thrilled to see our brokerage partners' success," said HouseAmp CEO Rick Hennessey. "Our white-labeled concierge platform allows each brokerage to provide their unique offering without the overhead that usually comes with these services, enabling them to offer cutting-edge technology that immediately turns a huge cost into a profit center. We streamline the process so homeowners and agents can quickly access capital, which has vastly enhanced the preparation to sell process and is improving people's lives."

HouseAmp has already built significant brokerage partnerships, enabling them to expand their territory nationwide beginning in Q4 of 2023.

HouseAmp is sharing its story at Inman Connect Las Vegas to celebrate this milestone achievement. It will host a broker networking event Tuesday, Aug. 8, from 3:00-4:00 pm at The Aria Resort and Casino in Bristlecone Room 2.

HouseAmp's fintech solutions help brokerages gain a competitive edge and new relevance in an increasingly shifting industry. Real estate brokerages interested in learning more about HouseAmp's innovative offerings and potential partnership opportunities are encouraged to visit or email

About HouseAmp

HouseAmp is a trailblazing fintech company reshaping the real estate industry through innovative concierge solutions. Leveraging advanced technology and data-driven insights, HouseAmp empowers real estate brokerages to enhance customer and agent experiences, stay competitive, and drive growth. Our white-labeled brokerage service helps homeowners leverage access to quick and flexible funding programs to fund expenses now, then pay them off at closing.

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